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Lost/Forgotten Passwords

Lost or forgotten passwords can be recovered automatically by using the lost password facility on the login screens.

However the automatic process does rely on two essential factors. That you remember your username or email address used when you registered or, if you have changed email addresses since registering that you have updated it on the profile page within your membership area.

If your email address is current then upon starting the recover password procedure you will receive a link to complete the process.

You will be able to set a new password - it is impossible to recover your old one as it is only held in an encrypted form once originally registered, or changed it at any time.

But my email address is not current!!

In this case you will need to email our support section and request password is set to a known one.

In this situation, when emailing, you MUST supply sufficient information so we can ensure you are the legitimate owner of the account.

That is the main reason we ask for accounts to be registered using a 'real name'. Our system would be quite happy if you used Donald Duck(!) for example but if you forget a password then remembering a made-up name associated with the account would probably be forgotten sooner. In contrast not many people forget their own name!

I have this strange message appear.

Such as:

Access Denied

You have no access to Folder Control downloads folder (

Visit order page to order additional subscriptions.

Messages similar to this are normally due to browsers failing to expire session cookies correctly when they close. (Often so they can implement 'clever' functions such as trying to continue where they left off previously. The web site logs people out correctly but browser thinks it is still logged in!!)

Normally suggest cure is to delete cookies and/or 'Temporary Internet Files'.

With The Manuals Library the solution is normally even easier, and less technical.

Click here and log in using the main form. This should reset the cookies and everything should work perfectly again.

But I still cannot access the site!

Click here and you will reach our support helpdesk request form.

Complete it and we will do everything possible to get you working again as quickly as possible.