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Descriptions of the various criteria that can be used when searching for manuals

Search facility is designed to use one criteria at a time

By brand

Here your search can be as refined as much,or as little as you wish. Leave the search for box empty and you will be returned a table listing all the manufacturers for who we currently hold manuals. For each will be given a click-able link to their web site - provided of course they have one - and a contact telephone numbers.

Entering one or more letters into the search box makes your search more and more refined. Five letters will normally provide manuals listing for a single manufacturer. Searching this way will not give manufacturer details but will go straight to listing the available manuals from the manufacturers. Note enter any combination of letters that do not correctly spell the start of a manufacturers will be equivalent of leaving the search box empty.

By Model

When searching by model you may enter one or more characters (A to Z or 0 to 9) upon which to base search. Hitting the 'search' button with a single character will ONLY check the FIRST character in a model name whereas enter two or more characters and the listing will contain details of models that match the entered characters ANYWHERE within the model name.

For example whilst entering 'prima' will find all Potterton Prima models it will also list the 'Suprima' ones as well as the Ravenheat CSI 'Primary' model.

By G.C. Number

Enter G. C. number of the model you are looking for and, provided we have the manual, the boiler details will be given. You can enter the number in virtually any format, with or without spaces or dashes etc. Our system will reformat your entry (unlike most other company web sites that fail to find an entry if it is not formatted 'their' way) and reformat it to that used by our database

Latest additions

There is a '25 Newest manuals added' option which does exactly what it says on the can! You are presented with a list of the last 25 models added to the database and uploaded onto the site.

Changed/updated files

Lists those files that have been changed or updated by either the manufacturer or ourselves. Reason for the changed is also given.

Containing asbestos fibres

Supplies a list of appliances known to us that contain asbestos fibres. Locations of the asbestos, if known by us, is also given.

Subject to safety alerts

As it says lists those models we know have been the subject of manufacturers safety alerts or recalls.

Details of the recalls is also given together with the source of the recall.

Cannot find what you are looking for?

Remember if you can not find the manual you require please click on the 'Request a Manual' in left hand links panel and complete a Requests Form.

We have many manuals here ready to process and we may already have the one you want but if not we will always try to obtain it but remember we cannot guarantee to be able to obtain every manual ever issued, also some might take a little time to acquire.