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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Manuals Library?

The Manuals Library is a resource containing over 160 brands of downloadable boiler (Gas, Oil and Solid Fuel) Installation & Servicing Manuals together with their ancillary controls. A wide range of gas cookers and thermal stores are also covered.

In this library:

1. You can find any manual very easily with smart search function.
2. Once you become a member you can read, or download, any manual in our ever growing comprehensive range.

We are striving to include manuals to cover every piece of equipment that the heating engineer is likely to meet in their everyday work.

We save you the time and energy needed to find the manual you need. Whilst a small proportion of the manuals are open to the public and are available to see online on manufacturers' sites, the majority are not, plus there are many, on this site, no longer available from any other source. It can also be very time consuming to find the manual you want when you browse through a manufacturers' site. We offer the convenience of quickly finding and reading manuals you need, when you need them day or night, weekday or Bank holiday!


Our History

The Manuals Library officially went 'live' on January 1st 2006 (although from early 2005, when we started constructing the site, we began attracting our first members) with a collection of manuals covering around 800 to 900 models. Today our database holds details of over 6,000 models from over 160 brand names - and the number is rising virtually daily!

Membership of The Manuals Library costs a maximum of only £25 a year for normal accounts.

Will it cost more next year?

NO - the plan is for the cost to remain the same for as long as possible.

What limits are there on what I download and when?

You can download as much, or as little, as you wish. Download manuals as you want them or select each in turn and download them all! The only problems that you might encounter are from your own ISP or BROADBAND supplier if they impose monthly quotas. From us though no limits. When - anytime! The site is available all day everyday. There might be the occasional need to close the site for maintenance work but that will be announced well in advance and certainly it is not intended to occur very often.

Are my credit card details secure with The Manuals Library?

Yes 100% for the simple reason we cannot store card details - we never get to see them!

You complete the actual registration form on our site but for payment you go to, and enter the card details, on the WorldPay site.