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By Make
By Model
G.C. Number

By brand Name

Hitting the 'search' button with the box empty will result in a table listing all the brands, together with contact details, website etc. Entering one or more characters will return a listing showing the various models that match the manufacturer entered.

By model

Works by listing all models, regardless of manufacturer, matching - anywhere in model identifier - the entered characters. If just one character is entered then it only looks for models whose FIRST character matches however when two or more are entered then the entire model identifier is checked more.

Note we have configured this search to only look for Alpha Numeric characters so searching, for example for '230' will also find '2 30' or '2/30'

By G. C. Number

Entering a G. C. number, in any form ('41 123 31' '41-123*31' or '41123 31' etc). will all work and locate the correct manual. Currently this only lists those models for which we have manuals on the site for downloading. We are in the process of entering the details of several thousand G. C. Numbers which when complete will allow a number to be entered and model number, burner pressure together with heat input to be viewed.

Safety Alert
This symbol indicates item has at some stage been the subject of a manufacturers recall or safety alert notice. Clicking on the symbol in the table will display more details of that alert.
Asbestos Alert
This symbol indicates that the model is reported as possibly containing asbestos. Clicking on the symbol in the table will display more details.